A new multimedia anthology of creative work by young people affected by bipolar.

A new arts project from Bipolar UK for young people

Poetry, visual art, short stories, film

Bipolar UK's Youth Service know that many of the young people who use our services are very creative and for a while we've wanted to collect together some of this creative work and provide a platform to share it with a wider audience.

We started by getting a group of young volunteers together to decide what they'd like such a collection to look like:

"To explain the title, we're aiming to publish four times as many pieces without a specific mental health theme as those with as we'd like to focus more on people's artistic nature and broad creative interests that frequently come with having bipolar."

Submissions have now closed and we've selected some great work to be featured in the anthology. We're currently in the process of contacting the successful entrants and will be publishing work on this very page soon. Watch this space!

You can now download the 80/20 digital anthology, featuring all of the young people's artwork.