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Along with Jaynee's letter, you will have read about a typical work week for Julie and what moves Liz to volunteer as co-facilitator. They both work so hard to help people like Katarina*.

For decades, Katarina was in denial about her illness. She was diagnosed with bipolar over 24 years ago but whilst she worked within the mental health profession herself, she found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that she wasn’t coping.

Eventually, Katarina was put on leave from work, which left her feeling more and more isolated; she soon became afraid to leave the house. Katarina knew that she needed help from people who would truly understand what she was going through.

A quick online search revealed that her nearest peer Support Group was meeting the very same day. Though feeling scared and anxious, Katarina made the brave decision to attend… and she's never looked back.

"... I don’t have to hide away anymore”

It's thanks to Katarina's courage and her Support Group that she no longer feels alone.

Katarina is part of a community of 11,500 people who attended a Bipolar UK Support Group last year. By making a commitment today, you are helping thousands of people like Katarina receive life-changing bipolar support and advice. Thank you. 


                                                                               *Name changed to protect identity.