Having spent 15 years in and out of hospital due to bipolar, Julia felt life had passed her by.

When Julia* first called Bipolar UK, she was feeling isolated and alone. We listened to Julia as she shared her experiences and frustrations and we made sure she knew we were there for her. 

By talking through Julia's challenges, we were able to work with her to come up with a plan of action and support. With our encouragement, Julia has started looking for volunteering opportunities in her area, to help build her confidence and meet new people. We also discussed other Bipolar UK services, including her local Support Group.

At the end of our calls, Julia's always happier and more positive about the future than when we first started talking. Recently, she told us:

“Talking to you is like to talking to an old friend, we’re on the same wavelength.”

A call or email to us is often the first step for individuals and their loved ones to better understand and manage bipolar. And that's why it's so important we're there to offer advice and support. In 2015 we responded to over 12,000 calls and emails asking for help but with local mental health teams increasingly stretched, the need for our services is growing rapidly.

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*Name changed to protect identity.