Emily Maguire, singer-songwriter and Bipolar UK supporter

We invite you to make a gift in solidarity with our patrons, trustees, volunteers and supporters who have joined our campaign to say "I am more than my diagnosis".

Over a million of us from all walks of life across the UK have bipolar. Despite its prevalence, stigma and discrimination means we're all too often identified by the diagnosis, instead of the countless characteristics that make each of us who we are.

Bipolar is a profound, lifelong mood disorder that is often characterised by manic highs and severe depression. But we believe with the right support for each person bipolar can often be managed - and that's why your gift is so important.

Your donation will help provide a range of services offering the support people need, when they need it. You can make sure there's someone at the end of the phone to listen, a nearby group to share lived experiences, a 24-hour peer forum and more.

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  Together, we can support the person behind the diagnosis of