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In our appeal, we told you about Julia* and how we’ve worked with her to come up with a plan of action and support to help improve her situation and self-belief. It’s thanks to you, our supporters that Julia now feels more confident and positive about the future.

Over a number of months we also supported a young man whose partner had become increasingly unwell. As her mood escalated she stopped medication and then believing she was complying with a request from work, travelled to Japan - a country she had never visited before. 

In the early weeks she spent excessively on expensive hotels and other items and when funds ran out, she became homeless sleeping in parks and streets in Tokyo.

With our advice and support, her partner and family worked closely with the British Embassy. After five weeks she was found and provided with a flight back to the UK. 

On arriving in the UK she refused to engage with medical professionals and so we supported her loved ones to secure hospitalisation. She is now receiving the help she needs and we continue to support her friends and family.

Your gift today will help ensure that anyone across the UK can receive life-changing support and advice. Thank you so much. 

 *Name changed to protect identity.