So now it's day 10 of Veganuary.

In truth, it feels like I’ve been vegan for weeks, but not in a negative way as it could be perceived. I’m really enjoying the food, much more than I thought I would, and the stomach issues that I was having, which made me feel a bit deflated and tired, have subsided. They were likely due to the sudden drastic change in diet, sugar intake, proteins etc.

Mentally, I cannot say there’s been a particularly huge difference compared to last month, but my energy levels certainly seem to be improving and I feel a lot better physically already. I still think it is too early to accurately assess overall effects on mental health. If I see it like medication, it takes time to kick in properly for most drugs and I’m seeing this the same way. Healthier body = healthier mind they say right? Considering the drastic diet changes, I think by the end of the month I’ll be a good case study for that claim!

My hunch is that the much healthier dietary change will be like one large piece of the puzzle towards self-management to keep my  mental health where it should be, and prove to me that there are always many elements to maintaining good mental health

We shall see if my opinions change at all next week!