Even though Aimee moved out of the UK, she was so grateful for the support that Bipolar UK has given her over the years; she decided to undertake a 5km ocean swim in New Zealand.

Aimee and her partner after she completed her 5km ocean swim

During her time in the UK, Aimee attended her local Support Group with her partner to help better understand bipolar. Through the group, she met others with the condition and was able to come to terms with her diagnosis.

To show her support for Bipolar UK, Aimee decided that the best next step was a 5km ocean swim!

“I have never been an ocean swimmer”

Having little experience in this type of event beforehand, Aimee was nervous about taking part. With the support of Bipolar UK's Fundraising team and her family however, Aimee managed to complete the 5km swim… with a little surprise at the end.

When Aimee finished her ocean swim, she was greeted by her partner on the beach. A few moments later and they were engaged!

“Whatever amount you can raise, it is worthwhile”

Through her event, Aimee managed to raise not only awareness for Bipolar UK in another country, but also nearly £600. Thank you so much for your time, energy and support Aimee, and congratulations on your engagement!

If Aimee’s story inspired you, why not participate in an event yourself?

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