‘For many people with bipolar, Christmas is a lonely and stressful time. This year I am looking forward to Christmas with my family, though I haven’t always been so fortunate. I have bipolar and in October 2004 I was desperate enough to attempt suicide.

I got a second chance at living, so I dedicated the rest of my life to helping others. Bipolar UK has enabled me to do this, and I now coach volunteers to give people affected by bipolar practical advice and provide a non-stigmatised space to talk. Thanks to people like you we support thousands affected by bipolar each year. Christmas is a difficult time for many, but also one for reaching out and sharing.

With your aid, which you can provide here,  we can assist thousands more by running additional peer support groups and finding new ways to educate people about the condition. A Christmas gift to Bipolar UK, large or small, will help people with bipolar live healthier, more stable lives and get back into work. One of our generous donors has agreed to match fund any donation you make before the 31st December, so your support will be worth even more to us’.

·         £10 funds a call back from one our trained volunteers

·         £20 enables us to produce 50 information leaflets

·         £100 helps fund the cost of supporting someone back to work

·         £200 covers the average cost of a peer support group meeting

From all of us here at Bipolar UK, once again, ‘thank you!’ We hope you enjoy the festive season and have a fantastic 2019.

Best wishes,

James Trevelyan
Peer Support Officer