Before we begin, I have a confession to make- Veganuary day 1, 01/01/2020, took a slightly chicken-y turn. I know, I know- the first day! But from here on out, I promise to be as chicken free as humanly possible.

The first week has been easier than I expected; my one big food vice is sugar, and as most sugar is vegan I’ve been doing okay. It has been slightly pricey on the food front though. It’s important to note that this isn’t because vegan food is inherently more expensive (vegetables are definitely cheaper than meat), but rather because changing diets means buying replacements of things you already have, and so the initial down payment can be more than you bargained for (I’m looking at you, £6 bottle of maple syrup).

However, herbs, spices and most add-ins to recipes are vegan, and so I’ve still been able to make really delicious, filling meals every day, that are interesting and fun. I’ve managed to persuade my intensely carnivorous partner to become vegan with me, and even they seem to be managing well! It hasn’t taken a toll on my mood or stress levels, and has made me excited about food again, which after a heavy festive period is really nice! I think that living in London means that a huge variety of options are constantly available to me, which is making things easier than they would be if I lived miles outside of a big city, but so many supermarkets carry a vegan option now I think I’d do okay.

The one thing I miss, more than anything, is milk. I love milk. Someone I know described it as ‘cow’s breast milk’ recently, which, though true put me off slightly, but despite this I still love it. I love yoghurt, with both sweet and savoury meals. I love milk in my teas and coffees, and nothing I have found so far has been a similar replacement. The closest I’ve gotten is tiger nut milk, which is good but still not quite hitting the spot, so suggestions are more than welcome!

In all honesty though, the impact of the meat and dairy industry is something I can’t excuse- I think about having children in the future, and I’d like there to be a reasonable amount of the planet left over for them. If missing milk is what it takes to lessen my impact on the world around me, then I think it’s probably a fair exchange. We’ll see how I feel next week though!

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