I don't usually like to read books about people with bipolar disorder because reading about the difficulties of others doesn’t make mine go away, but Electroboy is different.

Electroboy is the captivating account of Andy Behrman’s battle with bipolar disorder. From his early childhood and into his 30s, Behrman describes the dangerous highs and destructive lows of his illness and how everything in-between feels uncertain.

Electroboy is a challenging read that exercises your emotions. Right from the start our attention is captured by a long list of unachievable goals that most bipolar sufferers can relate to.

Andy Behrman describes perfectly how everything he does has to be done to excess. He is a perfectionist and although I’ve never admitted it, I can relate to that.

Behrman tells us of his overspending and his experimental sexual encounters, the thrill of his mania spurs him on to concoct a most extravagant crime and even though he can acknowledge his own recklessness, he has no control.

Electroboy is a whirlwind of extreme manias and crippling lows. It is a concise recollection of seeing numerous doctors and psychologists, endless streams of medication and the difficult decision to try Electroconvulsive Therapy. Electroboy  is about a man who managed to convince everyone around him that, even though he was falling apart on the inside, on the outside, he was successful, confident and strong.

There is something for everyone in this book. It is upsetting and exciting, but most of all Electroboy is a memoir of hope and shows us that with perseverance, determination and small sacrifices, you can achieve a better life. Andy Behrman is an inspiration.

Review by Kat Spathis