Facebook Fridays are live sessions where CEO Simon Kitchen or media ambassador April Kelley tackle a topical theme related to bipolar.

We thank everyone who has joined us so far for our 'Facebook Live' sessions. For those who have not joined us this is an opportunity to join the conversation around such matters as Anger, which we discussed recently. If you missed that session you can always join us for a discussion from this Friday and beyond August.

In the coming week's I'll be sharing hosting duties with April Kelley. Here is a rundown of forthcoming topics:

  • Dispelling myths around bipolar - 20 August
  • How to be an ally to someone with bipolar disorder - 27 August
  • Heredity/genetic disposition - 3 September 
  • Suicide prevention – 10 September 
  • Trauma and EMDR – 17 September 
  • Treatments - CBT; DBT – 24 September 

Whilst we are on the topic of Facebook did you know that you can create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Bipolar UK quite quickly. With this link, people will be able to easily create a fundraiser for Bipolar UK. Share it with friends directly from your personal pages and  help us raise vital funds. Facebook do not take a percentage which means you are helping us directly.

We look forward to connecting with you on Facebook.