Yesterday was the first time I was semi-close to caving. Not for a meat craving, but because after 3 days not sleeping which started because of the storm, mood slipping a little bit, money running low and nothing easy and quick to cook in the fridge and browsing the limited vegan cheap options on the takeaway sites, it just seemed easier to order something cheap which generally means mass produced fast food meat and chips. Thankfully, I ended up taking the more expensive hit for a very nice vegan pizza, got 10 hours of sleep and now don’t feel any craving.

As, if I’m stressed or tired or slightly low, I tend to be the type of person that comfort eats rather than avoids eating, I can see why it’s easy to cave and go for something quick and meaty. But I soldier on! The fact that avocados exist is probably a huge reason why I haven’t really struggled otherwise. Apart from the delicious special brownies a colleague ordered to the office in my view every time I go to the kitchen to brew a coffee and make my small healthy plant-based lunch!

I also realise now more than ever that January is my least favourite month of the year, and why it’s hard to stop feeling low and stressed in a month where Christmas has just finished, the weather is rubbish, you get back into the work routine after a spell off it and generally there’s not much to do and friends are busy! But it’s the same for a lot of people, and at least summer gets closer with every passing day and the vitamin D levels can increase and the holidays get closer!

Over and out for another week