Zeina who has been teaching this form of yoga for the last four years. Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness, and it has also been called Spinal Yoga because of the benefits to the spine with regular practice.  It is a form of yoga that involves several components from chanting, singing, breathing exercises and repetitive poses. In our session we focused on the Kriya set which revolves around the heart centre with a focus to open the heart. The session consisted of number of elements:

  1. Tuning in with a mantra to create a sacred space and to tune in to our higher consciousness and inner wisdom. 
  2. Warm ups to get the heart rate moving and open the hips
  3. A Kriya (a sequence of physical movements) focusing on the heart centre. This included of postures, pranayama, music, meditation, and mudras (hand positions).
  4. Next, we did some relaxation which was to take in the effects of the Kriya on our body and mind.  The relaxation part of the class is necessary to integrate the effects of the exercises in to the body and psyche
  5. After the relaxation, we practiced a meditation to open the flow of love in our heart. 

There was music during the class which was very soothing. The following tracks were played: Humme Hum by Niranjan Kaur, Guru Ram Das by Niranjan Kaur, Sa Ta Na Ma by Mirabei Ceiba, Sat Kar Tar by Kathryn McCusker

I must admit before the session I had never heard of this form of yoga and was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself in the hour we spent practising the varying elements. I found some of the exercises a real workout and I really felt I was using an array of muscle groups I had not even realised I had! I enjoyed the breathing exercises, the chanting we did as I felt it really centred me and brought my focus inwards to what my body and breath were doing. Zeina made me feel comfortable, gave alternative options to exercises which enabled me to still benefit from the session, changed my view on what yoga is all about and has made me excited for the next session.

After the session I was spurred on to learn more so did some research to get a better understanding of this form of yoga and where its roots are from. Kundalini Yoga which is practised worldwide has no specific origin however the notion of Kundalini energy has been traced back millennia.  It is associated with India however there are traces of this practice in ancient Egypt and around the world.

In yoga there are several chakras that are in essence the energy centres in your body, and these include: root chakra, sacral chakra, naval, or solar plexus, chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. These chakras are believed to become balanced as the Kundalini energy rises and aids in spiritual wellness.

I discovered that this form of yoga has been found in some studies to have several benefits from being able to help alleviate stress, anxiety, help improve cognitive function and becoming more emotionally and spiritually connected to yourself and others.

For anyone interested in yoga and reaping its benefits then I would highly recommend joining in next week’s Kundalini Yoga session with Zeina.

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system for a weekly reminder of these sessions.

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