Are you a parent with bipolar? Are you looking for new ways to deal with some of the challenges of parenting with the condition?

Join us on Thursday 29th September 2022, 12.30 – 1.30pm, for a free webinar with mothers Dr Clare Dolman and Kathryn Grant, who both have bipolar. They’ll be sharing information and strategies for dealing with some of the challenges of parenting with bipolar, as well as discussing some positives.

Clare is a former chair of Bipolar UK, a journalist and a researcher specialising in how bipolar affects women. Kathryn had an episode of postpartum psychosis after the birth of her son in 2013 and, ever since her discharge, has devoted much of her free time to raising awareness of maternal mental illness and campaigning for improved services across the UK.

You can sign up here.

Women and Bipolar Webinar Series is sponsored by Hypatia Foundation in memory of Caroline Hinchliffe