Having a mental illness, and believe it or not, when Christmas rolls around, mental illness doesn’t up and run.
It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, mental illness can stick around and make you feel inadequate and worthless. You are allowed to feel whatever emotion comes up. Here are three top tips that will hopefully help you too.

1. Take time for yourself
This is a tough one, as Christmas is all about family, but when your family are the ones who upset you, get on your nerves or even trigger you, you can take time for yourself. Whether it's five minutes in the bathroom taking a breather, or a full hour upstairs in a room away from everyone. It’s okay to allow yourself to breathe, and it’s okay if things get a little too much; it’s your body’s way of saying ‘take a break!’

2. Don’t go into debt for one day
Even though it’s always lovely to receive presents, and even better to give, your family wouldn’t want you to get into debt for simply one day. It isn’t worth it. You can buy presents for cheap nowadays, and even if you make something, it’s really the thought that counts!

I’m making my presents this year, with scrapbooks, hampers, and even Christmas tree decorations. It’s so simple, means a lot to the person receiving, and doesn’t really cost anything.

3. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be happy
There is no rule that at Christmas time you have to be happy, and you have to be full of good cheer, when deep down you want to crawl into a hole and cry. Mental illness is tough, especially when the pressure of Christmas comes, making you feel like you have to be happy otherwise it’ll be the worst Christmas ever. I call bull! You can feel however you want to feel! This is about you, just as it is about your family, so don’t ever feel pressure to be happy when you’re not. You can feel, whatever you wish to feel.

So keep being amazing, keep being inspirational, and keep being awesome.
Happy Holidays!