Train to improve your cycling!

Ride100 - Big Ben

Plan your training

Maximise the effectiveness of your Ride London-Surrey 100 training by doing the right things at the right time – this means building up your fitness gradually and not just riding as much as you can for the last two weeks leading up to the event.

Create a training plan that fits with your lifestyle and training needs. Head over to the Prudential Ride London site for more advice on cycle exercises and training.

Get in the ‘Zone’

We all cycle for so many reasons – perhaps you want to raise money for your favourite charity, or you want to get fitter or perhaps you want to challenge yourself. Often it’s all three.

Don’t forget your inspiration when you are struggling to find the motivation to get out on your bike. And when you are on a ride and the going gets tough, don’t forget how great you will feel afterwards, that you are getting fitter and stronger and that you are continually getting closer and closer to reaching your goal!

Fuel for the body

Eating and drinking the right things before, during and after a long ride can have a huge impact on your overall health, your recovery times and how much enjoyment you get out of your training.

Eating balanced meals with lots of fresh vegetables and low glycaemic index carb food, such as kidney beans, lentils, sweet potatoes and fruit powers your body with slow release energy perfect for a long ride and has the added bonus of being really healthy for you.

Avoid fizzy drinks, the quick release sugar can actually leave you feeling tired and dehydrated. You can’t go wrong with water – aim to drink at least 500ml before you set out and another 500ml for every hour of cycling (more in hot weather).

Take on a challenge

There is nothing quite as motivational as doing something you believe in – raising support for a charity close to your heart that does amazing work is a great reminder to keep active and enthusiastic.

Support Bipolar UK by taking on the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100. Sign up today for FREE.