Not usually being one for trends or ‘’do x for a month’’ challenges, I decided to do 'Veganuary'.

I’m giving it a try for two main reasons: the curiosity of trying something new as ever, and the need to take control of my weight which I have not done for far too long, and to assess whether an improved, more balanced diet (albeit without the usual proteins from meat) has a positive impact on my mental health (which after being excellent for a long time dived significantly over 2019 with many horrible spells). This comes in addition to my concerns for the environment, although coming from a Butchers’ family as my surname suggests (my great grandparents were indeed Butchers), it felt somewhat interesting telling family members that!

So, having finished 2019 with a very meaty Korean barbecue on the 31st and some chocolatey milky snacks watching the London New Year’s fireworks, 'Veganuary' commenced.

Over the first 3 days my initial feelings are as follows:

  • I haven’t had a single craving for meat, in all honesty. What I have had a craving for, unsurprisingly, is milk chocolate, which had always been my go-to stress food consumed in quantities far too high to be healthy.
  • I am enjoying the discovery of new foods and ideas, which itself is positive for my mental health. It is far too early of course to assess whether long term it’s been really positive for my well being, but hoping the healthier body will equal a healthier mind mantra carries through

Let’s see how my thoughts change in a weeks’ time!

Conor Butcher