Sam lives with bipolar and has felt alone and unsupported for long periods of his life. Lockdowns made coping much more difficult because the little face to face contact Sam was having stopped suddenly.
‘’The pandemic has affected people from all walks of life in negative ways. Personally, it meant I was once again isolated’’.
With difficulties accessing psychiatric and health services and limited support from friends and family, many have needed one-to-one contact more than ever. 
Fortunately, Sam was able to receive weekly one-hour calls from Bipolar UK. 
Just being able to chat really helped my mood and spirits’’
Our call-back service is a vital resource for those affected by the disorder who have found access to mental health services, coping mechanisms and support networks more difficult during the pandemic.
‘'I get so much from speaking to someone who just gets it. You offer something the doctors don't, and you offer so much so thank you'’ Sarah
‘’Your telephone support means such a lot to me’’ Andy

As restrictions ease, we want to be there for as many people as we can to help them manage the challenges of getting back to “normal”. Your donation will help us support people like Sam with one-to-one telephone and email support more quickly, when they most need it. Because of a high demand, we currently face a backlog of calls. We supported 300 people last month via our peer support line; your gift will help us to do more.

£30 pays for a potentially life-saving call

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Sam is very clear about the importance of this service for him: ‘’Bipolar UK has been a vital component of my recovery and stability’’
We thank all our generous donors for their amazing support, now and over the duration of the pandemic. You help us continue to empower people like Sam to live well with bipolar disorder after a particularly challenging time.

That’s why we’d like to ask you to help again. We know the need for our services is vast and with your help we want to be there for as many people with bipolar as possible. Please do make a gift to Bipolar UK again today if you can. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Rosie Phillips
Peer Support Services Manager


Please remember that our services are here for everyone affected by bipolar. If you would like to talk please book a call via our website/chatbot or email [email protected]

The names and photographs used in this appeal have been changed to protect the identities of people we help – all quotes are genuine and verbatim.