Katie is one of the young people who comes along to our Youth Support Groups. She shares her experience of attending the group for the first time.

Attending Bipolar UKs Youth Support Groups

I had been thinking about going to a bipolar Support Group for over a year but never actually had the courage to go. I was fearful that the group would involve me standing up and talking about myself. However, this wasn't the case at all.

On the day of my first group meeting, to say I felt nervous was an understatement. I think it's completely natural to feel this way because you're stepping into unknown territory. It was nerve-wracking walking through the door the first time. However, the group I went to was fairly small and there was a very relaxed atmosphere. You literally can say as little or as much as you want; it's just about what you are comfortable with.

Before going to the group, I had never met anyone else with bipolar. Therefore, I was hoping to not feel that sense of loneliness, the thought that I'm the only one experiencing this condition. Although you're aware that there are other individuals who have the same condition, it's not until you actually meet someone else with bipolar that you feel a sense of comfort.

I found the first meeting very beneficial. It was good to hear others' stories and although you won't have experienced things exactly the same as someone else, there's a chance to relate to them. I had expected the group to be very formal but there was an informal nature to it that instantly put me at ease.

I cannot recommend the Support Groups enough. It's helped me to understand not only more about bipolar but I have also learnt so much more about myself and feel that I have a better support system around me.

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