Bipolar Commission research reveals delay of 9.5 years to get accurate diagnosis of bipolar

Bipolar Commission research reveals delay of 9.5 years to get accurate diagnosis of bipolar Read more

Cognitive Impairment Research

If you have bipolar and would be interested in taking part in innovative research please do get in touch. Read more

The Bipolar UK survey on ‘self-binding’ advance directives

Do people with bipolar want to request enforced treatment in advance for future episodes of illness? Read more

Are you Bipolar Type 1?

Are you Bipolar 1? Do you live in Brighton or nearby (a couple of hours)? Read more

A new talking therapy for older people with bipolar disorder

Dr Lizzie Tyler from the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health at Lancaster University has led a pilot study which has adapted recovery-focused CBT therapy for older people with bipolar disorder. Read more

Covid-19 Impact Survey Summary and Conclusion

Bipolar UK originally conducted an online survey to assess the impact of Covid-19 on the bipolar community. Read more

Lifetime prevalence of BD and BD pts access to mental health care in England

This is a study aiming at discovering how many people in England live with bipolar disorder (BD), how often they use mental health services, and which factors are associated with successfully obtaining the care needed. Read more

Our research partnership with Bipolar UK

Tania explains her experience of conducting research in partnership with Bipolar UK and her aspirations for future projects. Read more

Why not let TRUE COLOURS help you cope with the Covid-19 crisis?

Find out more about True Colours, an online self-management system that allows you to monitor your symptoms and experiences using text, email and the Internet. Read more

Covid-19 Impact Survey results

We had a great response to the ‘Bipolar and Covid-19' survey with 1,700 responses in 2 weeks. Results show that, perhaps as might be expected, many people with the condition are struggling due to the stress, uncertainty and isolation of lockdown. The full results of the survey are now available here. Read more

The CRiB study: tackling cognitive difficulties in bipolar disorder

Researchers from Centre for Affective Disorders at King’s College London, led by Professor Allan Young, investigate whether cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) can improve cognition in people with bipolar disorder Read more

Take part in the GLAD Study

We want you to get involved in a new study looking at the genetic links to anxiety and depression (GLAD) Read more

CRiB - Cognitive Remediation in Bipolar

Dafni Louzioti writes about her experience of the new CRiB project at the Centre for Affective Disorders Read more

Research Roundup: A new way to diagnose bipolar?

New research in the US suggests that a simple 15-minute electrocardiogram could help a doctor determine whether a patient has major depression or bipolar disorder. Read more

Psychoeducation vs peer support: a new study

New research explores group psychoeducation for people with bipolar Read more

Taking part in True Colours with the BDRN

Michael talks about getting involved in research with Bipolar Disorder Research Network Read more