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Bipolar at Work

Bipolar can affect you whether you are studying or at work. Bipolar UK offers help and support

Bipolar in children and young people

Information and stories about the experience of children and young people who have bipolar or live with adults who do

Creativity and bipolar

Stories and information featuring creative writers, poets, musicians and artists plus media campaigns

Experience of Black and Asian people

Blog featuring the lived experience of people from Black and Asian communities

Legal information

Legal aspects of living with bipolar including diagnostic assessment and sections work under the Mental Health Act and your rights at work

Managing your money

All you need to know about dealing with debt, getting the right benefits and finding travel insurance

Medication and treatment

Drugs, treatments and therapies to help in the management of bipolar

Personal experiences

Reading other people's stories and experiences of bipolar may help counter feelings of isolation


Friendships and relationships can be affected by our experiences of bipolar


How to manage your moods

Suicide prevention

Bipolar UK ambassadors share their experiences of managing severe depression and suicidal thoughts

Supporting someone with bipolar

A diagnosis of bipolar can be disorientating for family and friends - find out how to help and support

Technology, apps and social media

Bipolar UK is developing its online presence to provide support and information in digital channels

The impact of stigma

Read blogs from Bipolar UK about the impact of stigma

The Journey to diagnosis

It can take a while to establish a diagnosis of bipolar and there's a lot to take in

The value of peer support

Bipolar UK activities, events and services to help with peer support