The Royal College of Psychiatrists has produced a useful new leaflet called "Carers and confidentiality in mental health".

The leaflet is about confidentiality issues that can arise between mental health professionals and carers of adults with mental health issues, in particular those who provide ongoing help and support for a relative, partner or friend without payment.

The issues of confidentiality and information-sharing between mental health professionals and carers are difficult and complex to resolve. Some of these problems are covered in this new leaflet with examples of good practice that can address them and hopefully provide more positive outcomes.

The opening quote from the leaflet is from a Rethink members whose son has a serious mental illness and reflects what many carers tell us:

"I need to know what you are trying to achieve for my son and how you are planning to do it. I need to understand the treatment that he is receiving so that I can play my part in his recovery programme. What I do not need to know are the personal details of what takes place between him and the professionals concerned."

You can find the leaflet on the Royal College of Psychiatrists' website.