Bipolar UK's Carmarthen Support Group was recognised for their contribution to the local community of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire at a special ceremony on 15 February 2017.

Carmarthen Support Group recognised at awards ceremony

The High Sheriff of Dyfed, Medwin Hughes, awarded the Support Group volunteers with a certificate and a speech of thanks in recognition of their work. Hughes also recognised the wider work of Bipolar UK, praising the Employment Support service and the eCommunity in particular.

In his speech, he said, "Bipolar UK is a key network that supports people with bipolar. Providing a caring support structure, it gives confidence to people and helps them realise the importance of being part of a family. The volunteers make an important contribution. When the need was there, the volunteers offered the support."

Hughes wished to acknowledge local organisations that listen and empower individuals, giving hope to those who are hopeless: "You ask for nothing but you give so much to our communities." In closing the ceremony, the High Sheriff commented, "You are ambassadors of hope. It is our privilege to acknowledge you."

The award was accepted by the Carmarthen Support Group's volunteer Co-facilitators Paul and Gertrude. Paul, who has been volunteering with Bipolar UK for 6 years, said, "The group has helped me develop as well. It's nice to celebrate other organisations as well as take time to reflect and appreciate our own achievements and help from Bipolar UK centrally."

Other local charities awarded during the evening included Area 43, Carmarthen Citizens Advice and Shelter Cymru's Carmarthen branch.

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