Bipolar UK's online eCommunity forum will receive a £200,000 grant from City Bridge Trust following a surge in demand from users.

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The eCommunity is a safe, secure place for people to share support, information and their experiences of bipolar. It's free to sign up and open to anybody affected by bipolar, including friends, family members, and carers.

In the past two years, there's been a 151% increase in the number of people signing up to use the eCommunity, with a rapid increase in demand from children and young people.

Bipolar UK's annual survey showed 72% of young people using the eCommunity felt the service helped them feel less lonely as they chat to others "in the same boat". One member described the service as a "lifesaver".

Alison Gowman, Chairman of the City Bridge Trust Committee, said, "Thousands of people are now interacting through the eCommunity each year which provides an invaluable network of support and information for people with bipolar.

"With such an increase in demand, particularly in London, it is evident the charity needs to expand in line with the needs of its members in order to continue offering such a high service quality - especially amongst children and young people."

It's with thanks to City Bridge Trust that we can now develop and expand our eCommunity forum to provide a modern and reliable peer support service to meet the needs of thousands of individuals and families.

Find out more about our eCommunity and sign up here.