The Mental Health Alliance has responded to the Transforming our Justice Consultation, raising concerns about the impact on individuals detained under the Mental Health Act.

The consultation, headed by the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Chief Justice and the Senior President of Tribunals, is exploring reforms to the justice system. The vision is to modernise and upgrade the system so it works better for everyone, ensuring it's just, proportionate and accessible.

The Mental Health Alliance, a coalition of over 75 mental health organisations, advocates for rights-based mental health legislation and is concerned that proposed reforms to the Tribunal system would negatively impact people detained under the Mental Health Act.

One suggested reform is for Medical members of the First Tier Tribunals (Mental Health) to be non-compulsory. The ability to apply to a First Tier Tribunal (Mental Health) is a vital safeguard for protecting the rights of vulnerable people who are subject to detention for mental ill health. The removal of the medical expert could mean there is no independent medical professional evaluation and removes an important safeguard for deprivation of liberty.

Read the Mental Health Alliance's full letter here.

In addition, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has submitted their own response to the consultation, which you can download here.

Rethink Mental Illness has also submitted a response, which you can download here.

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