Employment Support guides for both employers and employees are available to download from our website.

The guides are designed to support employers and employees in managing the impact of bipolar at work.

An Employee's Guide to Bipolar & Employment includes information on rights to protect employees and guidance on managing a successful a return to work.

An Employer's Guide to Bipolar & Employment advocates best practice for employers who employ people with a diagnosis of bipolar. It provides relevant information to help employers manage and support their employees and explains how Bipolar UK can help.

Our mental health and wellbeing can have a big impact on our lives, including when we're at work. This is why it's important that you receive support and understanding from colleagues and employers.

Our Employment Support service is open to both employers and employees, offering practical support, training and resources. If you're worried about your job, we can help you address workplace concerns before they get too distressing and impact your health. If you're concerned about an employee with bipolar, we can support your organisation however big or small.

Find out more about our Employment Support service here.

Go here to download our Employee's Guide and Employer's Guide to Bipolar & Employment.