A new policy institute has been launched to research the link between mental illness and money issues.

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute has been launched by Martin Lewis, personal finance expert and founder of MoneySavingExpert.com. The thinktank will research new policies to support individuals with mental health conditions who are at greater risk of struggling financially.

New Money and Mental Health Policy Institute launched

A study by The Journal of Public Health Medicine found that one in four British adults with a mental health condition struggle with debt, compared to one in twelve of the general population.

Initial policy ideas by the Institute include voluntary credit freezing and ensuring a 'trusted friend' could unblock the card if they believe an individual is well. These solutions will ensure existing legislation is more flexible and will make a difference to the lives of individuals affected my mental ill health.

Martin Lewis said:

"I've been looking at debt and mental health for years, and written many practical guides - it's time to treat it like any other financial issue...Debt isn't just a financial problem - it causes relationships and families to break up, people to lose their homes and their lives. Debt is a common problem for people living with mental health problems, and it can make those problems worse."

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