MindTech Healthcare Technology Co-operative have launched a new survey to find the top ten questions about digital technology and mental health.

Take part in a new survey about mental health and digital technologies

The "Asking the right questions" project wants to gather questions from people with personal and professional experience of mental health conditions to determine future research priorities around mental health and technology.

The survey is an early stage of the Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) around how emerging digital technologies, like online support groups and virtual therapists, can be used for mental healthcare. MindTech are looking to understand how these technologies can be used and what their potential impact is.

MindTech is a national centre focusing on developing, adopting and evaluating new technologies for mental healthcare and dementia. Set up in 2013, MindTech are funding by the National Institute for Healthcare Research.

For this project, MindTech are working with the James Lind Alliance, who Bipolar UK also worked with for the Bipolar PSP. These PSPs bring patients, carers and clinicians together to identify unanswered questions about treatments and to see what really matters to all parties.

Take part in the online survey here. The survey will close around the end of June 2017 with the final top ten questions being published in November 2017.

Find out more about the project on MindTech's website.

Watch a short video explaining the Digital Technology for Mental Health PSP.