David Cameron has announced investment in mental health services as part of the government's focus on social reform.

David Cameron announces investment in mental health services. Photo: Number 10 on Flickr

The announcement is part of a speech outlining the government's plans to improve life chances and tackle poverty. The plans cover four areas: family life and early years; education; equal opportunity, and treatable issues including mental health.

£290m will be given until 2020 to provide more pregnant women and new mothers with specialist mental health care, before and after childbirth. This will cover the creation of community perinatal mental health teams and more beds in mother and baby units.

£247m will also be given over five years to ensure every hospital has mental health services within their Accident and Emergency Units. A new target will be introduced to ensure individuals experiencing psychosis receive treatment within two weeks and £400m will go towards expanding psychiatric specialist teams in the community, helping people in crisis outside of hospital.

The prime minister encouraged the public to talk more freely about mental health to help tackle the stigma that surrounds it. He said,

"As a country, we need to be far more mature about this. Less hushed tones, less whispering; more frank and open discussion".