Bipolar UK is working with the Mental Health & Justice project at King's College London to promote a new survey about advance care planning.

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This project is supported by funding from the Wellcome Trust. We're asking people affected by bipolar to share what they know about advance care planning and what they would like to improve.

Advance care planning is when somebody attempts to communicate what they want to happen to them when they become unwell and are no longer able to make decisions about their mental health and care.

Although this might seem like a good idea for people with bipolar, little is known about how it's currently used and what people with bipolar and their family and friends actually think about it.

To help the team learn more about this, we'd be really grateful if you could spend 10-20 minutes of your time completing this new survey, which has been designed with the help of people with bipolar.

The survey contributes towards a wider project called Mental Health and Justice, which aims to develop new forms of advance care planning and influence policy (particularly in England and Wales). Your involvement will hopefully make a real difference to the way people with bipolar are cared for in the future.