What is an Advance Statement?

An Advance Statement is an excellent collaborative tool for employee and employer to work together using insightful and individual information to help manage bipolar in the work place.

Benefits of having an advance statement are peace of mind reducing stress knowing that your colleagues and employer are aware of your unique symptoms if and when they arise and the effect any significant mood changes may have on your ability to perform your role in your usual manner.

Bipolar UK Work and Learning service can help

Working together with our Work and Learning service can help you with practical advice and guidance to explore your personal experience of bipolar in the work place, creating an individual advance statement.

A Bipolar UK service user reflects on having an invaluable resource in their advance statement helping them  identify different changes and key aspects of their mood along with their preferred support options.  It has provided their employer with the knowledge and practical advice on how to support them to remain in control contributing to well-being and self-management.

As I have good insight, I am usually first to spot the early warning signs but colleagues may notice rapid speech, a tendency to listen less and interrupt, and less patience than normal. I would be doing work early in the morning or late at night so the timing of emails might be an indication.

On a positive note, if I am able to control the episode and prevent escalation into mania, I am able to get a lot done and will possibly generate insightful ideas and solutions to problems during this phase.

I will implement an action plan that will include:

  • Notifying my line manager and deputy director that I am at risk of an episode
  • Self-medicating with anti-psychotic medication

We can provide experienced tailored guidance on how to create/write your statement enabling you to have a clear support plan when mood changes affect your work.

Working with you and your employer can provide a shared learning experience to maximise the benefit of the statement.

The advance statement can also work alongside our awareness training enabling colleagues to fully understand bipolar and also demonstrates how the illness affects individuals and how best practice support at work is beneficial.

Download our Advance Statement scale 


How to contact us for support

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