New consultation: services and treatment

This is the second Bipolar Commission survey and is collecting data about services and treatment for bipolar.

We have already collected information about diagnosis and triggers. Now we are asking for your experiences to inform recommendations for improvement.

The easiest way to participate in this call for evidence is to

Complete our survey


This consultation closes at 9am on Monday 23rd August, 2021


These are a few of the questions we are asking:


  • What services have you been offered to help manage your bipolar
  • How helpful have they been?
  • What is your experience of taking medications for bipolar disorder
  • Have you experienced side effects?
  • Have you been offered talking therapies
  • If so, how helpful were they?


Other ways to submit your views

In a Word document

Due to Covid-19, we cannot normally accept survey responses by post. However, if you cannot use the online survey, please email us  for a copy of the survey in Word format.

Are you a bipolar expert?

We also welcome written submissions on this and other topics related to the treatment of bipolar from individuals or organisations who have expertise in the disorder. This includes researchers and third-sector organisations, as well as people with lived experience, families and carers.

To keep our recommendations focused, please keep the submissions to 500 words maximum. We welcome links to supporting documents too. please send your evidence to us by email 

In March, 2021 at our virtual conference, we launched the Bipolar Commission - a year-long inquiry to inform and improve the care and treatment of people living with bipolar.