It feels like we’ve been lockdown for years! I’ve found all the mixed messages to be tiresome and frustrating. I’m so over it and I feel my anxiety increasing on certain days, but I’m trying to stay positive and look forward to getting back to some form of normality again. 

Managing bipolar symptoms

Here’s some tips on how I’ve been protecting my mental health as we transition out of lockdown: 

1: Avoid over exposure to information as it can increase anxiety. This includes news and social media 

2: Acknowledge the positive things happening around you 

3: Imagine all the great, positive things you  can do once we reopen; such as lunch with friends, travelling, or catching up with family 

4: Take ten mins to breathe, stretch or meditate once a day 

5: Get outside in nature. It’s great for the mind! 

6: Set self-care goals

7: Keep things in perspective and curb negative thoughts

8: Stay in the present. Keep a journal 

9: Spoil yourself: do something which makes you feel good (within reason of course!) 

10: Stay connected with your tribe. Make plans of things to look forward to. 

Stay well,

Leah x 

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