Our next contribution to our 80/20 arts project for young people is a written piece by the talented Rebecca Graves.

A new arts project from Bipolar UK for young people

About her piece, Rebecca said:

"The inspiration for this piece of writing occurred to me one bright daydream on one rainy day. Why not give an object with no conscious identity or feelings a voice of its own? Who is to say that the items surrounding us don't possess a conscience or a personality? If they could talk, what may they have to say for themselves?"

What it is

So here I am right, just hanging around. Me and my mates, there's quite a few of us. We're all from different backgrounds but, you know, all one of a kind. Made from similar moulds but some of us are made of stronger stuff that the others, but we all have the same career, the same purpose. What we - if we actually had a bed - would get out of bed for. Mind you, none us guys ever really know what time of day or night it is. We all have our hang-ups, you know, but at the end of the day we're all here for the same reason...What it is to be a coat hanger, eh?

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