Orla Price's artwork "Wolf and the City" is the latest contribution to 80/20, our arts project for young people affected by bipolar.

8020 - Wolf and the City artwork by Orla Price

Orla said:

"It is a great privilege to be published in this collection as I know how important creativity is to my mental health. It has always been a beneficial and cathartic outlet for me, especially in times of distress.

"I started HeadSpace magazine in Dublin because I noticed the lack of reading material in my psych ward during my stays there. It was also important for me to be creative in order to maintain my mental health and I wanted to give an outlet to people who felt similarly.

"Later I moved to London and we started Anomalie magazine, its sister! Anomalie is based on the same premise but we also asked people if they wanted to specifically create on the subject of the intersection of mental health with other oppressions. We wanted to do this to create a platform for minority voices and to draw attention to the fact that mental health difficulties can be inextricably intertwined with problems in society as a whole."

You can find more about Orla's projects through these links:

You can also view more of Orla's art on her Tumblr page: www.sillical.tumblr.com