Bex Gibbons shares her artwork as part of 80/20, our new arts project for young people affected by bipolar.

We love this piece by Bex Gibbons. "Zac" strikes a chord with many of us as it reflects our love of animals and pets.

Zac by Bex Gibbons - Bipolar UK 80/20 project

Bex Gibbons explained:

"I have always loved making art and being creative in any way, shape or form. At the moment I am really enjoying painting with acrylics; I enjoy having fun spreading colourful paints with tools such as sticks, pieces of cardboard and painting knifes.

"Creating art gives me a sense of control which bipolar often doesn't. I can control where the paint goes and which tools to use. Painting provides me with a distraction and a huge sense of achievement when a piece is complete. Zac is my best friend so for this piece he became my inspiration."