As a person living with bipolar for some years now Denis wanted to write some words to encourage those of you who wrestle with the condition as he does everyday. Coping strategies that will allow you to help yourself and an introduction to my book.

I wanted to share a recent achievement, not because I’m anyone special, as I’m not. I just happen to have things that I still want to do with my life. So last year I decided to write a booWrk. It was an anthology of poems which in plain English basically means that I wrote a collection of poems.

Writing about my bipolar

In of itself that was a fantastic achievement. I’m not brilliant at English, nor particularly would go out of my way to say that I was the next J.K. Rowling. But what I did manage to capture were my feelings about many a different issue that we face as the “Human Race”

It’s a birds eye view into the mind of us as people who recognise that we have a condition and yes’ we manage it to the best of our abilities but they are still very real and very challenging to us every day. I’m not sure that it’s going to make the New York Times 'Best Seller' but I didn’t write it for that reason.

I wrote because I care about our world and whilst I see it struggling and I see many around me struggling even with having to come to terms with 'Lockdown' I figured hey, perhaps I could throw a little light and hope to not just people like us, but those who have partners and those who struggle in coping with a partner like us.

Writing as coping strategy

I have a few coping strategies that perhaps I may have learned out of this. The most important one is coming to terms with yourself and recognising that as much as you may think the world revolves around you it actually doesn’t.

For me it was an opportunity to take my eyes off myself and look at the bigger issues. I’m a realist in one sense, and an optimist in another, and then to make it worse a pragmatist to top it all. So out of this, I think writing really does help us to understand ourselves better and get a clear idea of who we are and the way that we think. My book is available via Amazon.