In 2014 I thought my every waking moment was being filmed. Just like The Truman Show, the box office success starring Jim Carey, I believed every facet of my life was scripted with the whole world watching. Things came to a head after running after social workers into the street with a large knife when they turned up at my door. Prompting the police’s arrival. I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983 (Section 2). 

Up until that time I had undergone a very traumatic experience, I later decided to share a series of vlogs via YouTube detailing and ultimately releasing that trauma. My channel is my way of self-advocacy and self-therapy.

Is there hope after psychosis?

This can be a confusing, harrowing and to a certain extent frightening time. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and wanted to share my story to let those living with the condition, in particular psychosis or mania, know that there is hope beyond being detained. My video will hopefully also inspire families living with those who have been sectioned or for whom it is a very real possibility that they will be.

There is a tendency for stigma to encourage inertia and that exacerbates a condition which thrives on complacency. I wish you strength, courage and light moving forward. You aren’t on your own, with over one million people affected by the condition, bipolar disorder is more prevalent than you can possibly imagine.

Luyando Malawo

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Together, we can support the person behind the diagnosis of bipolar.