We hosted our conference at Bush House Auditorium in central London on Sunday 17th November. The agenda  was packed and provided a unique opportunity for people living with bipolar, their friends and family and health professionals to come together to listen to the latest research, learn more about the condition and exchange tips on self-management. We will populate this page with links to slides and information shared on the day.

Pictures from the event

My Self-Management Toolkit: how I manage my bipolar - Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark is a Trustee at Bipolar UK and a former co-facilitator at a Bipolar UK support group. Jeremy is living with bipolar disorder and has a professional interest in digital technology and self-management. He has personally trialled and reviewed a number of digital apps related to bipolar. Jeremy will be presenting the Self-management Toolkit and the Digital Technologies session.

Slides part one
Slides part two

Advance Decision Making  - Dr Tania Gergel and Dr Lucy Stephenson

Tania currently works at the Department of Psychological Medicine, King’s College London. Tania has a background in Ancient Philosophy, but now concentrates on Philosophy of Medicine and does research in Mental Health, Ethics and Law. She is currently a senior research fellow on King’s College’s Mental Health and Justice project. Her research focuses on advance decision making in bipolar and she also co-chairs the project’s Service User Advisory Group. Her work in the Medical Humanities focuses on the relationship between personal identity and illness. She will be presenting the session on Advanced Decision Making.

Dr Lucy Stephenson is a clinical research associate with the Mental Health and Justice Project at King’s College London working on
developing a model of advance decision making tailored for people with bipolar disorder. She is training in Medical Psychotherapy and
General Adult Psychiatry at South London and Maudsley HospitalNHS Foundation Trust. 

Session PDF

Latest research into bipolar disorder– Professor Allan Young (King’s College London)

Professor Young is a long serving Trustee. He is Chair of Mood Disorders at King’s College London where he is also Director of the Centre for Affective Disorders within the Department of Psychological Medicine in the Institute of Psychiatry. He is currently President of the Psychopharmacology Special Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He will be speaking about medication and the latest research developments as part of the Plenary Session.

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