On Friday 20th September one of our Cambridge based Support Group volunteers, accidentally CC’ed rather BCC’ed an email to approximately 100 attendees of a local support group.

Bipolar UK take full responsibility for this and have supported the individual that breached the data, and have put robust measures in place with immediate effect so that this does not occur again.

The data breach has been reported to the Information Commissioner this morning and the email accounts of other volunteers running groups in the UK have been suspended whilst we reinforce measures that avoid this happening in the future.

Bipolar UK takes the protection of the personal information of the people we support extremely seriously. We and the volunteer involved are devastated by what has happened, and we’d like to reassure all of our supporters that this was as a result of human error and completely unintentional.

Those included on the list have been notified and asked to delete the email received. It should be noted that no diagnosis status, names or addresses were disclosed and only those who already knew each other through the group were CC’ed in.

Bipolar UK would like to reassure our supporters that the welfare of all volunteers is our highest priority, and we are committed to providing ongoing and support and training to all volunteers and staff members.

Again, we do apologise for this breach and any hurt or distress this may have caused. If you have any concerns or queries please contact [email protected]

Simon Kitchen, CEO, Bipolar UK