On Wednesday 27 October Bipolar UK hosted a parliamentary launch to present the early findings of the Bipolar Commission. A huge thank you to the 80 people who joined us to understand more about what bipolar is, what triggers it, how long it takes to get a diagnosis, the impact of a delay in diagnosis and the risks of living with the condition.
Key findings we shared include:
*There's an average delay of 9.5 years between someone first contacting a health professional about symptoms and getting an accurate diagnosis of bipolar
*60% of people say a delay in diagnosis of bipolar had a significant impact on their life
*84% of people say a diagnosis is helpful or very helpful
Below are a few images from the event.

At the launch, we also launched a petition asking for faster bipolar diagnosis. If you've signed it already, thank you! If you haven't, please sign it now.
Your support means a lot. Please share the link far and wide to get as many signatures as possible. Together, let's help promote understanding and reduce stigma around the condition of bipolar.