Bipolar sometimes makes me feel as if my mind is a junk yard and it’s full of clutter and confusion. so with this said, it’s super important to keep my environment as clean and tidy as possible.

If i don’t keep on top of stuff I eventually encounter the consequences of my (non) action.

As I write this we are in the midst of a third national lockdown in the U.K.


The first lockdown was different because it was lovely weather outside but now it’s winter I definitely know I won’t be taking regular walks like last year. The poor weather and darker days certainly affects my mood. It’s now imperative I don’t get sunken in a pile of dirty dishes and boring chores.


To be honest, I like living in a clean and clear environment. I like seeing floor space and I dislike clutter. Clutter literally makes me feel anxious and I lose sleep. No exaggeration. As I write this I have two days worth of washing up by the sink and it’s filling me with dread. Do I wash up tonight and wake up feeling happy and fresh ? Or do I try to have a decent night and tackle it in the morning? Oh, the joys of housework! Decisions decisions.


As much as I don’t have the energy for it - and don’t actually enjoy cleaning tasks - I know how much the outcome positively affects my mood. Once I’ve done my chores I feel free. My mind is clearer. I don’t have these niggling thoughts and I sleep better at night.


With that said I’ve recognised it’s much more than just decluttering. It’s about self care. Feeling discontent, stressed or embarrassed about your living environment is no way to live! There’s so much more we can be doing than worrying over what we “haven’t” done in the home.


Here’s are my six tips that have helped me in the past and what I’ll be putting into practice again as I tackle that washing up and jam packed closet. Hopefully they will help you too:


1: Make a list!

List everything you need to do and set a plan of action

2: Start small!

Pick one or two of those things and make a start. Don’t try to do everything in a day as it can be overwhelming.

3: Get rid!

Use a black bin bag and fill it with old clothes or items around the home that you no longer use.

4: Sell online!

They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. If you no longer use it, sell it! There are many apps like eBay, Spock and Vinted which lets you sell your unwanted items. Plus you can make a bit of pocket money and the walks to the post office can be beneficial for getting out the house. 

5: Donate to charity!

Donating unwanted items to charity has become harder since the pandemic started. Sadly many high street charity shops have closed down or they aren’t accepting items. However, if you have a local charity or clothes bank who are willing to accept, use them! It’s also a great feeling when you know your once loved items are going to be enjoyed by others.

6: Ask a friend!

I understand right now you may be under tier restrictions but if you’re allowed to, ask a friend, or someone else in your home, or someone in your support bubble to help you out. Decluttering can be overwhelming and motivation from others can often be contagious. For example, my mate Emily loves re-arranging wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. I’m pretty certain she’d actually enjoy helping me out if I asked her. Maybe she’ll give me the kick start I need to tackle the rest.


Those are my six tips which I’ve used in the past and I’ll try again starting tomorrow.


Let’s make our homes a sanctuary. Somewhere we can enjoy peace of mind. We deserve it.


Love n light,


Leah CK