George took on the Cardiff Half Marathon in support of Bipolar UK and finished the race feeling like a winner. Here, he shares his experience:

George took part in the Cardiff Half for Bipolar UK

It all started when I got back home on the August bank holiday and checked my emails. I came across one from Bipolar UK letting me know there were spaces available for the Cardiff Half.

I decided there and then to go for it. My fitness levels were OK after a cycling holiday and I had also walked around the Anglesey coast. Bipolar UK helped me get accepted on the event and gave me valuable information on how to set up a JustGiving page to collect sponsorship online.

I made a schedule for running but in the end only ran up to 6 miles before the event. I was nervous but with over £500 sponsorship resting on it, I just had to go ahead. I joined the other 19,000 plus runners on the day and took my time getting used to the pace. Not too fast, not too slow either. The event was brilliant. Good weather, lots of live music along the route and plenty of spectator support.

My finish time was 2 hours 24 minutes. I was pleased and not aching too much although the last three miles were an ordeal I kept going.

I plan to make running a regular part of my lifestyle as I feel so good afterwards and once you have the kit it is a fairly inexpensive sport. I am looking forward to seeing my psychiatrist and giving him the good news of how my mental health has improved because of exercise.