New year, new you they said. Why not try Dry January they said, it'll be fun they said! What a load of old tosh...well that's what I thought when I embarked on the first 48 hours of one of this month's popular pursuits. Dry January for many is an uphill struggle, speaking from personal experience having now embarked on this mini odyssey, that is an understatement.

Now in my second week of Dry January, no longer feeling sluggish and instead I'm full of energy so much so that I'm back cycling the 14 miles that it takes me to get to work each morning I feel I'm sloely feeling the benefits (see what I did there...gin reference, anyway) Here's something which you may want to consider, on average it takes three weeks to break a habit, there are just over three weeks left of January, why not join me and reset your relationship with alcohol.

People who sign up, allegedly, are twice as likely to stay dry throughout the month and enjoy all the benefits, compared to those who try to do it alone. Team work makes the dream work they say so if you'd like to join me you are more than welcome and if you don't, well why not continue reading my exploits that I'll be posting regularly and share them via your social media pages and together we may inspire someone who is equally as keen to make a subtle change in their habits for the better.

The great news is this you don't have to wait until next January to start. You can take a month off booze any time which is something worth bearing in mind if you feel it's too late for you.