Today is World Bipolar Day – a global event overshadowed sadly by the coronavirus crisis. The 30th March was chosen because it's Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday. Van Gogh was posthumously diagnosed with bipolar and represents both the incredible talents and genius of people living with the condition, but also the torment and suffering the condition causes if it’s not managed and supported.
Today the coronavirus is putting enormous extra pressure on our community of people affected by bipolar and we desperately need your help to support them. You can play a part in preventing the most vulnerable from relapsing and becoming dangerously depressed or uncontrollably manic which could endanger the community around them as well as themselves.
Bipolar UK is straining to support as many people with the condition as we can, people who are understandably more stressed and at risk at this frightening time. We have created a guide containing 5 key steps for staying well.

Our website is being regularly updated with latest information on the virus and how it interacts with bipolar: 

Our free to join eCommunity of over 4,000 members continues to grow with people affected by bipolar sharing new insights and wisdom every hour and providing a social outlet at a time when people can’t get out the house.

We’re providing one-to-one support for those who need to talk to a friendly person who understands what they’re going through. Those who need this can email us.
We are doing our best to rapidly provide more services. A number of our local groups are already piloting virtual peer support groups using an online platform. If these prove popular we will organise more. We are also working with Cardiff University to develop a self-management webinar course, more information to follow. Together we can help each other to stay well during this harrowing  time.
There is a lot going on and we’re keen to keep you up to date so on Friday I will be running a Facebook Live at 1pm on Friday 3rd April. If you would like to join me and would like a reminder message sent please register.
A lot of charities will be asking you for money at the moment, but we’re the only one that is dedicated to supporting people affected by bipolar across the UK. If you’re a regular donor to Bipolar UK’s work thank you so much: your contribution is really making a difference. Worryingly we expect the coronavirus crisis will reduce our income by at least a third this year so please donate to help sustain these vital services which save lives.
Stay safe and well
Kind regards,
Simon Kitchen
CEO Bipolar UK