Judith was so inspired by the support she received from our Employment Support service, she organised a curry night to raise funds and awareness.

Best course of action? Curry Night of course! First Judith agreed the date with a lovely Indian restaurant that she knew would be open to holding a charity night. Then she set about spreading the word by creating leaflets and contacting family and friends through email and text.

“I also asked my family and friends for raffle prizes.”

Alongside the draw of the tasty food, Judith and her friends held a raffle. With each person bringing a prize, soon the raffle was complete with plenty of wine, cakes, books, piano lessons, a haircut, and an Indian head massage, to name a few.

“Everyone had a great time”

With great atmosphere and delicious food, the night was a great success! 83 people came in response to Judith’s call and together they raised an incredible £1000.

Thank you so much for your time, energy and support, Judith and congratulations on the successful night!

If Judith’s story inspired you, why not organise an event yourself?

Contact us for fundraising support and ideas on [email protected] or call 0333 323 3780.