Take your cycling to the next level with tips from the pros, courtesy of Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 Magazine.

Ride100 cyclists at the start line

The pros might cycle separately from the rest of the riders in the Ride London-Surrey 100 but that doesn’t mean that we can’t borrow some of their tips and tricks to help us reach the finish line.

1. Don’t forget the short term goals

Short term goals can break a long journey into achievable snippets. Try to increase your distance a little bit each time or divide each ride into smaller parts and aim to improve on the previous section. As Luke Rowe said: “Short term goals mean you’re achieving something every day".

2. Keep it light, keep it fun

Whilst training is important to help you reach your targets, the moment cycling stops being fun is the time to step back, take a short break and re-energise. Battling through the grind can be such a drag that cyclists often stop riding for extended periods of time which can be far worse for your training.

3. Tomorrow is another day

Even the pros have bad days – just like the rest of us. As Frank Schleck put it: “I’ll analyse the race, look at what I did wrong. Then I’ll turn the page, forget it and think only about tomorrow.” Which leads us nicely onto…

4. Learn from your mistakes

As the saying goes, “one who makes no mistakes makes nothing”. Even the best cyclists get things wrong. The question is how many make the same error twice? If you regularly find your energy levels draining at the end of a ride, keep a food diary to help identify carbohydrate gaps.

5. Don’t go it alone

Share your training with a support network to help stay on track and have fun. Try cycling with a buddy or join a cycling group. Someone else's opinion of your technique can help identify strengths and weaknesses you never knew you had.

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