I have had a rocky road to say the least, being a single mother with bipolar disorder, I have not always, and still don’t have all the support I should have from the mental health service. I’m not blaming them, I get it; it’s overcrowded and underfunded. Through it all though, I have had Bipolar UK there. Being able to jump on their website and search for help or read other people’s stories in the times when I was struggling has always helped me and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.

We all know that having any mental illness comes with a lot of stigma, stigma I have been victimised with for most of my life. I decided in the worst 12 months of my life to stand in my truth and write a book including all of these entries about my illness, relationships, struggles, and life. I wanted others to see how this illness affects every part of your life, but most importantly I wanted to show that despite having this illness you can still achieve so much. The book came with setback after setback, but I kept persevering because I decided it was time to share my story in the hope it encouraged others to speak out.  My book, Me, Myself & Bipolar Brenda, came about from my old journal entries that I started when I was first diagnosed with the illness. At that time I was confused and upset and found that writing my thoughts out became a huge comfort to me.

The book was my light through so much darkness last year and its now put me in a position to go further in sharing my story and getting bipolar disorder the respect, media attention, and more importantly, care that it needs. I have a lot of media projects coming up thanks to this book, and I’m so incredibly grateful. I want to be the voice for not just single mothers struggling with this illness, but for anyone who is made to feel ashamed of their chaotic mind and emotions. Because like my yoga teacher always told me, ‘You are not bipolar, you have bipolar!’ You are a human being with magic inside you and my aim, is to show the world that with the right treatment, support and creativity we can be proud of who we are.

I will continue to work with Bipolar UK and continue to get us the attention and care we deserve. If you want to follow my journey, please find me on any of the links below

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Natasha Naomi Rea

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