It is possible to live well with bipolar, but you need an effective self-management plan. Recent research by Bipolar UK found that 67% of people with bipolar received no self-management advice when they were first diagnosed. 

Imagine being diagnosed with lung cancer or diabetes and not receiving any advice or support. 

Giving people the opportunity to educate themselves about self-management has the potential to lower relapse rates. So, we're collaborating with the National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH) at Cardiff University to organise a series of 3 self-management webinars, so that everyone has the chance to master the basics. It’s free to attend, although we would welcome a donation to help us run future webinars (a recommended donation amount of £30 will help us fund future webinars).  

We hope to launch them in the next few weeks (June/July 2020) – to register your interest please sign-up here and we will send you more details.