About Support Groups

Bipolar UK runs over 80 Peer Support Groups across the UK. They are run by trained co-facilitators, and provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for people who are affected by bipolar disorder, whether directly or indirectly, to meet and discuss what they may have on their minds. As well as regular attendees, some groups also host events and guest speakers.

In this post we are focusing on the incredible work done by the Leamington Spa Support Group, and inviting anyone in the area who needs support to come along. For more information about the Leamington Spa group, or to find your local Support Group, click here.

What happens at a support group?

Here at the Leamington Spa Bipolar UK Support Group we are an intimate group of 5-10 on average. We have a good mix of regular attendees and newcomers from a wide range of backgrounds who come to the group to share our lived experiences of bipolar in a supportive environment.

Our group discussions often include topics such as

  • medication and its side effects
  • symptoms
  • work
  • relationships

and many more. Everyone has the option, whether they would like to raise a subject or pose a question to the group, or  they would just like to sit and listen to the other members sharing their stories and strategies.

We understand that it can be very daunting coming to a group meeting for the first time and we do our utmost to welcome anyone who is new with an informative welcome pack and a hot drink!